01 Company profile

about us Pincheng • Founded with Quality
Winning World with Good Faith

As a leading enterprise in the Chinese high-end paper plastic packaging industry, Zhejiang Pincheng Packaging Co., Ltd. always follows the philosophy of safety, quality, low carbon, eco-friendliness and service with faith. By applying today’s excellent bag manufacture techniques, it is always committed itself to the research and development, design and production of high-end products. By integrating the capability of total packaging solution, it enables domestic and foreign customers to experience the excellence of high-end products and enjoy the easiness and pleasure in the procurement process and wins procurement from many Top 500 enterprises!

With a floor area of 40mu, a building area of 45000m2 and a total investment of 150 million Yuan and by means of importing German WH and Austria Srarlinger cutting-edge drawbenches and bag machine production lines, Pincheng realized fully-automatic high-speed production lines in China, which enabled a paper plastic packaging bag capacity of 500000/day and 170000000/year. By using raw materials supplied from all over the world such as high-quality paper and plastics from America, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Exxon, CNPC and Sinopec, Pincheng can produce paper plastic compound bags, color film bags, square bottom bags, valve sacks, special bags, lining bags, aluminum foil bags, thermal intermediate sealed bags and bottom sealed bags from its modernized workshops to all regions in the world…

02 Chairman message

To all of Pincheng’s Employees

Honestly welcome the coming of Pincheng’s partners!
No one can make success just himself in today’s society. Pincheng’s business needs to be supported by a honest and faithful team, so I’ve looking forward to joiners of Pincheng’s business and finding Pincheng’s employees. Once you joined Pincheng, you are one of Pincheng’s employees who are not differentiated by level but position and responsibility. Our mission is to create sustaining Pincheng, provide a career platform for more employees, help more people, enable more people to benefit from Pincheng’s business and embody individual value with Pincheng’s value. Pincheng’s managers’ born responsibility is to establish a team with cooperation spirit but unique to help employees find their development positioning and orientation and find, guide and encourage appropriate employees to do excellently appropriate things in appropriate positions and embodying individual value with team value! The born responsibility of all Pincheng employees is to work meticulously, provide satisfactory products and services for our customers and embody individual value with position value. There is only one reason for staying in Pincheng even though there exists thousands of excuses: I’m a Pincheng employee! I wish Pincheng can share one hearted contract with all Pincheng employees and we could believe in each other and develop healthily and harmoniously! I hope that every Pincheng employee can maximize their talents and personal value! I wish every Pincheng employee comfortable work! If one day you leave Pincheng you are still a Pincheng employee and we still remember days we have worked hard. Pincheng’s President: Zhang Chuansheng

03 development history

  • 2017
    In 2017, it was evaluated as a Cangnan County TOP 100 industrial enterprise. We make a commitment that in the future the quality and faith will come first and we will follow the highest moral standard to protect environment, benefit human kind, continuously improve our work method and thus satisfy our customers and suppliers.
  • 2016
    In 2016, its annual value of gross output exceeded one hundred million Yuan for the first time and it won the title of Zhejiang Tech Enterprise and successfully transformed as a high-tech enterprise.
  • 2015
    In 2015, Pincheng was awarded the title of business startup leading start and evaluated as a growth type enterprise and Level 3 standard meeting enterprise for safe production.
  • 2014
    In 2014 Pincheng was founded on March 13, 2014 It was examined and evaluated as excellent enterprise due to the introduction of domestic and foreign high-end automation production lines, great amount of investment in R&D and innovation and modern enterprise system and management innovation.

04 corporate culture

  • human orientations, quality first, innovation and pursuit for perfection
  • good faith, self-improvement, unification, innovation and devotion
  • founded with quality and winning with good faith
  • people orientation, talent cultivation, focus on both morality and talents and full play to talents
  • safety first, quality orientation, clean production and energy conservation and emission reduction  Continuously provide quality products and always meet customer needs.

05 social responsibility

  • 浙江品诚包装有限公司位于“中国塑编之都”,坐落在中国的塑料包装生产基地——温州市苍南县示范工业园区。

  • 浙江品诚包装有限公司位于“中国塑编之都”,坐落在中国的塑料包装生产基地——温州市苍南县示范工业园区。

  • 浙江品诚包装有限公司位于“中国塑编之都”,坐落在中国的塑料包装生产基地——温州市苍南县示范工业园区。

  • 浙江品诚包装有限公司位于“中国塑编之都”,坐落在中国的塑料包装生产基地——温州市苍南县示范工业园区。

  • 浙江品诚包装有限公司位于“中国塑编之都”,坐落在中国的塑料包装生产基地——温州市苍南县示范工业园区。


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